Cetraben: A Mini Marvel? 

Cetraben is another cream in the long list of suitable skincare products your GP or Dermatologist will probably recommend if you’re suffering from psoriasis (hi there), eczema or any other ‘problem’ skin.

In fact, it is the only lotion I’ve spied in my local hospital’s dermatology day unit. So before I even tried it, I knew it must be pretty good.

Cetraben for psoriasis

Hello Cetraben!

The Product
So let’s get straight onto the product.

Cetraben is scent-free, which, if you’ve been paying attention to my blogs, is one of my key deciding factors when I’m choosing a new psoriasis-friendly skincare product. I can’t stand fragranced creams and lotions, unless there’s a very slight whiff. But ideally, the cream should be scent-free. I don’t rate eau d’Chemist and I don’t think my colleagues or boyfriend would either!

The cream itself sinks in quickly, but and this is the sticking point, you do have to reapply the stuff about an hour later. For me, there was no long term moisturisation. So that was disappointing.

BUT, Cetraben does have a redeeming feature. At least, the product I trialled did.

It’s the size.

This 50g unit (pictured) really could become your new portable psoriasis pocket pal. It’s lightweight, small and the clean pump action means you only need dispense exactly what you need. (Unlike messy tubes, which can leak in your bag and you can end up with far too much product anyway.)

I’ve been carrying it around in my bag for the past few weeks and it’s been brilliant. It weighs hardly anything and I don’t have to worry about pesky lotion creeping out from under the cap. It’s a lovely clean little bottle and although I do have to reapply a little more than I would like, I may well purchase this product again because frankly, it’s so damn convenient. And it’s cute. And psoriasis lotions are never, ever cute.

Cetraben on psoriasis skin

Happy skin from HelloSkin

I ordered Cetraben from the HelloSkin store. You can’t fault this website. It’s so easy to navigate. Searching for products is seamless and the clean interface means you’re not distracted by ads from other stores. The colours are pleasing and calm too.

There’s plenty of reviews on the site from fellow dry skinners, so you know you’re dealing with a reputable company, used by professional dry skin sufferers.

The delivery is free for orders over £25 (easily done, there’s loads of good stuff on the website) and my own parcel arrived well packaged the following day. Next day delivery is only £3.99 anyway, so it won’t break the bank.

To summarise, I love the service from HelloSkin, but although Cetraben didn’t steal my heart (or do much to soothe my psoriasis), the little portion is just right for trips out and about. So a repurchase is likely on the cards.

However, if you’re not swayed by cute bottles and are on the hunt for a lotion that works a little harder for your psoriasis, then I have something for you. Also available in HelloSkin store is Aveeno Cream (badged as a cream, but sinks in like a dream. And a lotion). It’s fantastic, a light smell and one application lasts hours. As always, I recommend the Colloidal Oatmeal one for psoriasis or very dry skin.

I would certainly use HelloSkin again. I’m in love with their website. It’s so clean!

You can purchase your product here and treat yourself to 10% off (this product, or another from HelloSkin) by using the code HELLOJOSIE when you check-out.

Let me know how you get on. I’d love to know!

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Note: HelloSkin offered me a free bottle of Cetraben cream in return for a review