All Hail The Psoriasis Saviour: King Epaderm

It’s difficult not to get a little bit cynical when it comes to creams and ointments promising the world (or at least some genuine relief) when it comes to psoriasis management.

I’d heard of Epaderm, but had passed it off as another long lost cousin of Eumovate, Dirpobase, Dermavate, Double base etc. It’s a challenging keeping up with them all when they all seem to have interchangeable names.

However, I’d been given a bottle of the cream to try and was interested to see if it lived up to the 31 5* reviews it had generated on the HelloSkin store. Could so many people really be wrong?

Lovely big bottle

Well, as you might have guessed from the bold title of this blog, I was pleasantly surprised with Epaderm and the service from HelloSkin, where my product arrived the day after I placed it. And with free postage, it really is exceptional service.

So what about the product itself?

Bottle and Design

Let’s start with the bottle. There’s a nice big dispenser and pushing down on it leaves a satisfyingly large blob of cream. One squirt is all it takes, so there’s no risk of getting frustrated by furiously triggering the applicator to get your cream out.

The instructions on the label are clear to read, and crucially, unlike a certain brand of shower oil, the label doesn’t seem to disintergrate when wet.

So, the bottle’s big and brilliant, but what about what’s inside?

The Best Bits

24hr moisuture – Epaderm recommends a twice a day application. I’ve been doing it once a day in the mornings after my shower. The lotion sinks in very quickly, so it’s perfect for rushing when you’re getting ready for work. My skin has still been moisturised the next morning! Hooray!


Stops itch – Sometimes I can’t help but scratch my psoriasis. However, my skin doesn’t feel itchy when I’ve used Epaderm on it. It’s a strange, but welcome sensation.


Quick to workEpaderm promises hydration within two weeks, I can honestly say my skin felt hydrated after the first couple of applications. Big thumbs up in this department.


VersatileEpaderm works just as effectively as a shower cream as it does as an emollient. It’s not particularly bubbly, but when you get out of the shower, your skin feels amazing. Not tight or dry, just lovely and moisturised. I’ve not come across a dual purpose product that works just as well in water as it does out of water before.


Good value for money – You’d be forgiven for thinking a big ol’ bottle for less than a tenner can’t be that good if it’s so affordable. But you’d be wrong. It’s simply a product that works at a very competitive price.


Pleasing design – It’s not as clinical looking as some of the other brands of skincare for psoriasis and eczema, and this is a good thing. I’d even go as far as saying the green and purple design is quite pleasing. Hopefully other brands will take note and we can wave bye-bye to skincare branded with blue. (The ultimate nod to the NHS colour scheme).


Finally, the bottle itself is massive; you’ll never lose it in the sea of creams and lotions already taking up precious space in your bathroom.


Ready for the close up?


The Bad Bits

The name – It just sounds like every other skincare for dry skin conditions brand. Such a boring name. I wish they’d call it something different. Twice this week I have recommended it to friends with psoriasis, and twice I have had to check I haven’t recommended something with a similar sounding name


The smellEpaderm claims it’s fragrance free. Sadly, this is not the case. It smells very medicinal. Saying that though, the smell soon goes once it’s sunk in your skin. I can rub it in my skin during the morning without the fear that my colleagues might think I’ve been spraying myself with Eau d’chemist.


Final Thoughts

Dealing with dry skin is never easy, but this multipurpose product means you’ll be saving space in the bathroom and cutting down on all your tubs and bottles of various potions. Simply, Epaderm works. My skin feels moisturised hours after initial application. I don’t get any flakiness and the itch that accompanies my psoriasis has gone. It has definitely helped. It’s great value for such a massive amount.

I would say, if you have psoriasis, do your skin a favour and get yourself a bottle of Epaderm.


You can purchase Epaderm here and blag yourself a bargain by using the discount code: HELLOJOSIE, which entitles you to 10% off your product.


There’s lots of other skincare products available on the HelloSkin store, all competitively priced – and with free postage and next day delivery, purchasing your skincare items from these guys is a bit of a no brainer.

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