Can Aveeno Almond Oil Really Soothe Psoriasis? 

Aveeno is one of those brands that feels too mainstream for psoriasis.

How could a moisturiser championed by Jennifer Aniston be any good for us flaky types? Our skin is far too needy for something so accessible. Our skin is far too hardcore for Aniston’s moisturiser of choice.

My Journey With Aveeno

Up until recently, when some recommended a brand such as Aveeno or Neutragena or the dreaded E45, I switched off.

Yes, I’m sure your sister’s boyfriend’s mum’s ex-boss tried it on his ‘dry skin problem’ and was delighted with the results, but,

A – I don’t have dry skin. I have psoriasis.

B – I’ve had psoriasis for 17 god awful years. Don’t you think I’ve tried all these high street brands? (Seriously, imagine just for one moment, if E45 did cure psoriasis!?! There’d be an outcry! “….And all along the solution it was sitting in my bathroom cabinet. Why I didn’t try it, I don’t know!”

I digress.

My journey with Aveeno only started when a well-meaning Nan bought me a bottle of the Aveeno body oil. Naturally, I stuffed it in my ‘body lotions people buy me that I’ll never use but don’t have the heart to chuck out’ basket.

And then I promptly forgot about it.

Months later, (when I may, or may not have been looking for an emergency birthday present from said basket), I came across the Aveeno body oil.

It was a cold day.

I did fancy a bath.

And I was, kind of curious.

Using that Aveeno body oil was incredible. It sunk in quickly, left a rather pleasing smell and for once, my psoriasis skin didn’t feel like sandpaper.

And, the best bit?

That feeling lasted hours. Not just a couple of hours before the itch returned, I’m talking like, 8-12 hours.

It was then that I became a convert. How could I have been wrong all these years? Now I finally understood. Aveeno was the answer. (And it kind of sounded like a Greek goddess, right? Aveeno, Goddess of the Dry and Flaky?… maybe not!)

So, ever since then, I’ve been road testing other products in the Aveeno range.


I ordered a bottle of Aveeno almond body oil from HelloSkin, providers of all kinds of ointments, lotions and potions for those blessed with a dry skin condition.
I found the choosing and buying process very easy. Good things about the website include the fact it’s super simple to navigate and it’s nice and clean. It’s intuitive. (Unlike Amazon, where I buy Aveeno bath products from, which I find confusing and headache-inducing. Why so many words?!)

I do love a product review though and if you’re anything like me, you’ll also only buy based on reviews. You’ll be pleased to know that most of the people reviewing products on HelloSkin have some kind of skin complaint. I guess ‘pleased’ is the wrong word. But you catch my drift. The people buying and reviewing products on this website are skin people. They are like us. These are our people!

After a quick read of the reviews, the checkout process was swift and secure. Incredibly, my parcel arrived the next day! And with free postage (no minimum spend), there’s absolutely no room for complaints.

So onto the product.

Aveeno Almond Oil

The bottle is nicely designed and branded, the kind of thing you would be proud to have on your bathroom shelf or in your bedroom – unlike every other psoriasis cream, which quite frankly has ugly branding and looks like it belongs in a hospital.

As this is a ‘creamy oil’, it sinks in much quicker than regular Aveeno lotion or cream. It has a pleasing, if slightly strong, almond scent, but don’t worry, it’s not so overpowering that you’d get mistaken for a slice of battenberg after slathering your body in this.

This Aveeno Almond oil moisturised my skin for a good few hours (I’d say 3/4) before my psoriasis felt itchy again. Unlike other oil to lotions I’ve tried, this one didn’t dry my skin out.

On normal, non-psoriasis skin, Aveeno almond oil is a dream. The initial heavy almond scent fades to a light smell, only detactable by sticking your nose against your skin and giving it a good sniff.

I’d say this product was best used on normal skin, but it did not irritate my psoriasis and did work, to some extent, as a moisturiser. However, for long term itch-free relief, I’d still stick to the Aveeno Cream with colloidal oatmeal. That’s my fav one. You can also get that product from HelloSkin.

You can purchase your product here and treat yourself to 10% off (this product, or another from HelloSkin) by using the code HELLOJOSIE when you checkout.

Let me know how you get on. I’d love to know!

Note: HelloSkin offered me a free bottle of Aveeno Almond Oil in return for a review