How To Manage Christmas When Your Psoriasis Isn’t Feeling Festive

Blue Light would make a great gift for a flaky loved one

Blue Light would make a great gift for a flaky loved one

There’s no escaping it. You can hide no longer. You must face this head on.

Christmas is here.

But for those of us lucky enough (ahem) to be blessed with psoriasis, the mere thought of present buying, meal planning and family organising is enough to make our flaky red bits, well, redder than Rudolf’s nose.

Oh, and if general Christmas stress isn’t enough, you’ve got all the other elements of life vying for your time too: Work, relationships, pets and vacuuming. Oh, and not forgetting to pay your car tax and call your nan.

It’s relentless, isn’t it?

So what’s the best way to tackle the on-going holidays without wanting to rip your hair out every time a certain ‘Holidays are coming’ advert comes on the telly?

The secret lies in careful planning. I’ve put together my favourite psoriasis management tips during the festive season when your skin is feeling less than cheery.

The Five P’s

Proper preparation prevents psoriasis pain. Ok, so this might be a slight variation of the original, but the sentiment is perfect for psoriasis management.

You know your skin better than anyone, so if it’s stress that gets your itch on, you need to work out how to minimise that. If it’s crowds (my personal bug bear), work out what do you need to do to avoid them. Does that mean early or late night shopping? Avoiding the high street on weekends, online shopping?

Hopefully it doesn’t mean avoiding the high street altogether. I know online shopping is convenient, but remember it’s good for our skin to get outside, even if it’s just for half an hour. Just work out the best time for you.

Whilst we’re on the planning stage, get in your Christmas Day plans early. If Uncle Bob really gets your back up, and he’s popping round your mum’s for a mince pie, plan around his moves. You’re a grown up now, so you don’t have to spend time with people who annoy you just because it’s something you’ve always done.

Chef Share

If you’re hosting and are stressed about cooking for everyone, why not assign guests with their own dish to bring to your soiree? There are several good reason to do this:

  • Less stress for you!
  • Less washing up!
  • Cheaper – as you’ll be cooking less dishes
  • Guests have ownership of their dishes and this goes a long way to fuel that Christmassy spirit
  • You get to try new recipes and dishes – and you never know, you might find a brilliant Brussels sprout dish chef amongst your family and friends

Treat Yo’ Self

Yes, of course I mean treat yourself in the traditional sense (who doesn’t like a new nail varnish!?), but more importantly – this is not the time to neglect your psoriasis treatment. The trouble with working 100 days a week (that may be a slight exaggeration), running a household, keeping a partner happy and your Guinea Pig fed, is that you can end up neglecting yourself. Not cool.

Psoriasis treatment isn’t normally known as being convenient. Well, it wasn’t. not until Philips brought out their god-send of a product – Blue Light Therapy. And this was the year I discovered it. Easy to use, clean (No greasy fingers! No stray cat hairs stuck to my elbows!) and, most importantly, super convenient.

Blue Light allows me to, like everyone else, just get on with life, whether that’s Christmas time or any other time of the year. A few hours charging gives you two hours of use. You can walk around the shops, sit in a café sipping a Christmas latte or be at home with your loved ones putting up the Christmas tree. And you get to do all that regular stuff whilst you’re treating your skin.

It sounds like absolute madness, or at least like something out of a sci-fi thriller, but nope. This is reality and this technology exists today. And, the really exciting thing is that it’s available to people like you and me, just the regular consumer. So at last we get to reclaim our treatment and not be at the mercy of doctor and dermatology appointments only to be fobbed off or prescribed more greasy ointments and messy lotions.

So if you haven’t already checked out Philips Blue Light therapy, I suggest you see what other users have to say and then whip out your Christmas wish list… maybe Santa will bring you something extra this year?!

Schedule You Time

OK, so you’ve planned your Christmas attack plan and you’ve got your treatment under control, right? Good. Your next ‘must-do’ is to schedule some you time. No, supermarket shopping does not count. Nor does the fifteen minutes you spend worrying about tomorrow’s email inbox just before you go to bed.

  • I’m talking bath time (my current bath obsession)
  • I’m talking book time (the book that makes me want to move to Denmark)
  • I’m talking cup of tea time (served in something like this. Obviously)

Let’s make a pact. We ring-fence twenty minutes of time to ourselves every day. My me time is sometime between 9.30pm – 10pm most nights. Other days it’s in the mornings. I swear this routine has been keeping me sane during the last year when we moved house, had no heating, I switched jobs…etc.

My psoriasis was getting madder and madder. I had to stop and take stock. Now, I have scheduled me-time, found my stress triggers and created work arounds.

And of course, this is the year I stumbled across Phillips Blue Light. (And I have never looked back).

2016 was certainly the year I started to look after myself. Properly.

I hope these tips will help you have a stress-free Christmas. If you think they have helped you, please do share with fellow psoriasis suffering friends.

So to all my flaky brothers and sisters, here’s to a stress-free and much less itchy 2017! ☺