I Saw The Light (And It Was Blue)

This year, I saw the light. No, no, not that light, I mean I saw the Blue Light. Philips Blue Light Therapy to be precise.

But just in the same way the ‘original’ light is life changing for many people, Blue Light has been life changing for me too.

Me and Blue, just hanging out on the sofa.

Me and Blue, just hanging out on the sofa.

I don’t want you to think I’m being dramatic here, I’m really not; I’m just thankful that genuine psoriasis treatment has finally come into the 21st century.

Let me explain. If you’re a psoriasis suffer like me, you won’t need me to remind you of how depressing this skin disease is. Not only is it unsightly, it’s painful, it’s unpredictable and if that’s not bad enough, it raises eyebrows and questions from other people! Like, hello?! It’s bad enough that we have to deal with it, but having strangers point, lean forward, screw their eyes up and whisper, ‘is that contagious’ whilst you’re serving them in the supermarket (true story from my days as a shy checkout girl in 2001), well, you know what? That sucks.

So why am I such a fan of this little piece of blue tech?

Philips Makes It

I’m 99.9% sure you’ve heard of Philips. They’re like, iconic with personal care and tech products. Hell, these guys make my electric toothbrush. With Blue Control, immediately, you know you’re dealing with a product that is not only cutting edge, not only had a shedload of funding put into it, not only is super safe, but it’s a product they believe in; a product that’s effective.

They know it makes a difference. Why risk putting their name on something that doesn’t cut the mustard?

It Works

This leads me succinctly onto point two. It works. It really does. At least, it has done for me. I’ve been using it since April and my psoriasis has changed (you’ve seen my pictures, right?).

No longer do I have cracked, flaky skin. Nope. My skin is smooth, man. So smooth. Yes, it is still a little red, but it’s not as angry. It’s a much pinker colour. And when I don’t use Blue Light, the itch returns. It’s made my psoriasis so much better and my skin is continuing to improve.  

It’s Convenient

I don’t have kids, but I do juggle a full time job (with an hour and half commute each way), run a household, keep him indoors happy and attempt to have some sort of social life. Suffice to say, there is never enough hours in the day. (Which is why I totally rate ring-fenced ‘me-time’.)

After a few hours charging, Blue Light is good to treat your skin for two hours. The unit it lightweight, certainly not heavy enough for you to feel like you’re wearing it. I’ve worn it around Tesco’s and totally forgotten about it until the friendly beep reminds me that my thirty minutes of treatment time is up and it’s time to relocate to another patch.

So, it’s perfect for those last minute, frantic dashes to the high street because you still haven’t bought a Christmas present for Auntie Sue.  You just strap it on, (Yes I did just say that. No laughing at the back!), grab your mobile, money and go. And forget about it. Let it work its blue magic whilst you’re having a melt down in the Boots 3 for 2 aisle.

In a nutshell, Philips Blue Light Therapy just lets you get on with your day. It’s easy, pain free and most importantly it works. Oh, and it just happens to be the most convenient treatment available. (Unless there’s a kitten that can lick your Psoriasis away. In which case, email me immediately).

Have you tried Blue Light Therapy? Have you got any questions? Drop me a line if you do, I’m happy to answer anything.