It’s arrived! My Philips Blue Light LED Treatment

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Yay! It’s here!

My little Philips Blue Light LED treatment turned up the other day. I really want to say it turned up out of the blue, because y’know, blue light and all, but no. I ordered it on Monday night last week and after tense anticipation, on Friday it arrived. All the way from the Netherlands. Super fast postage!

I’ve been in two minds about purchasing Philips LED therapy. I know light therapy works and I’ve asked for it on the NHS – but as psoriasis doesn’t cover a large part of my body, unfortunately, I have been refused.

The thing is, over the 17 years of having psoriasis, I must have spent hundreds of pounds on different creams, ointments, oils, balms, salts, tablets, teas, etc etc. You name it, I’ve probably spent stupid money trying it out and being disappointed.

So, when I heard last Autumn that Philips were bringing out a blue light for the consumer market, I was overjoyed!

But then I saw the price. £399!!! Eekkkkk.

I could never spend that much on something that might not work.

So I put Blue Light to the back of my mind.

That was, until, last week. A random Twitter chat with a Blue Light user called @TarkaRoshe resparked my initial interest. When he let me know the light was on offer at half price, I practically jumped on the website and ordered one.

Could this help me?

Anyway, enough with me. Here’s the basic unboxing…

Philips Blue Light LED in action

It’s arrived!

Philips Blue Light LED

The unboxing begins

Philips Blue Light LED


Philips Blue Light LED

Must read!

Philips Blue Light LED

The obligatory wires and chargers.

The blue LED light unit feels like the type of excellent, quality product you would expect from a massive brand like Philips. The unit itself is quite weighty, but not heavy enough to be uncomfortable.

The arm/leg band also feels excellent and comfortable to wear. It’s totally adjustable, so there is no way your arm or leg would be too big for the strap.

You have to charge the unit up before you use it. The unit flashes green until it is fully charged. Mine took around four hours to charge.

So, once I charged it up yesterday, I was ready to use it today! (Side note: Had friends over for a bbq last night and although you can move around, do whatever you would normally do etc, I didn’t want my first time wearing it to be whilst hosting a social!)

The unit is really easy to put together and secure on your arms and legs. I did it in about 30 seconds. You pop the unit into the arm band, slip it on your desired limb and then tighten the strap.

Then, you simply press the blue button. It beeps to locate your patch of psoriasis and hey presto! You’re ready to go!

Philips Blue Light LED

Be gone, Psoriasis!

The unit turns off after 30 minutes. It’s recommended that you use it for 30 minutes per psoriasis patch per day.

Here’s another picture of me putting the  Philips LED Blue Light to action!

Philips Blue Light LED in action

Blue light = very calming

When you take it off and move it to somewhere else, your skin does feel quite warm to the touch. Not hot, just warm. It doesn’t hurt in any way and the strap means you can adjust it if it is too tight and does hurt.

I have been able to walk around and do stuff around the house. So don’t think you’ll have to be laid up on the sofa! You can get on with housework, homework or whatever you’re up to without any discomfort. Just make sure you strap it on tight!

After the first charge, I was able to get two hours use out of it. That’s treatment on four separate patches. It’s on charge now and I’ll update this post to tell you how long it takes to get to fully charged status again.

So, that’s it! My psoriasis doesn’t look any different so far (but I’m only one treatment in! Haha) I have heard it can take a couple of weeks to see any improvement. Alas, as we all know – there is no miracle instant cure.

However, overall, I’m very impressed. The Philips Blue Light Team (@PhilipsBlueLED) and one of their advocates, Lee (@leebluecontrol), have been very supportive over Twitter, answering any questions I had and helping out with initial teething problems with delivery location!

I can only hope this provides some relief and improves my psoriasis – even if it’s not a total cure.

I’ll keep you posted with my progress and some before and after pictures. Watch this space and keep your fingers crossed for me.

If you’re interested, you can grab your own light here. It’s still on offer! (Not an affiliate link!) Philips also offer a 28 day return policy if you’re not 100% satisfied. I’m hoping beyond hope that I don’t have to use it!

Have you got a blue light? Let me know your thoughts or any questions you have and I’ll do my best to answer.

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    We have made a change and give back a 90 day money back 🙂

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      Oh that’s great news. Hopefully I won’t need it!

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