The Psoriasis Shower Dream Come True

Stop what you’re doing and give me five minutes of your time, I need to tell you something.

You loooove showers, right? But you hate hunting around for psoriasis-friendly shower creams. I get you. I have been there, but now I have found something for us. FINALLY.

A body wash that is:

SLS free
Paraben free
Crap packaging free
Stupid cost free
Clinical smell free
Microbead free

And that’s not all.

There are bubbles, my friend! BUBBLES.

Those glorious big, fat, fluffy bubbles a 35 year old shouldn’t get excited about but DOES. And feels no shame.

A famous psoriasis writer once said,

“When you tire of bubbles, you tire of life.”

And with this in your bathroom, you will never tire of life.

It’s amazing.

Bottles under cover

The suspense is killing, right?

I’m getting tingly just thinking about it. No even joking. I can’t remember the last time I found a shower product that didn’t have blue or white or blue and white on the packaging. This is green! Green!

And it has a kooky name too. We’re so Gen Y.

Oh, and the brand does charity-stuff too, supporting Water Aid and Clean The World. Virtuous.

Are you curious yet? It all sounds pretty perfect, doesn’t it?

This brand is easily my best psoriasis-friendly find this year. (2016 prize went to Philips Blue Light, but I’ve rattled on about them for the last few posts; they have had their air time!)

This is the Psoriasis Shower Holy Grail.

Are you ready?


Soaper Duper

Soaper Duper Body Wash, oh haiii!

Introducing, Soaper Duper Body Wash!

Soaper Duper is a newish range of free-from body washes and skincare products. Once only available at posh Liberty’s in London, Soaper Duper have now gone all mainstream and you can pick up the entire range in Tesco’s. That’s right – Tesco’s. (Although if you have financial responsibilities, like bills and a mortgage to pay, I suggest you don’t pick up the whole range.)

When you’ve got psoriasis, you tend to seek out natural products or at least products with no SLS’s in, so as not to irritate your skin further. It’s a boring and often costly exercise and suitable shower gels tend to be on the pricey side for a paltry amount of product.

But, the cost of a bottle of body wash from my local Tesco’s? £5. (£5 for a 500ml bottle! Madness!) Although online, they seem to retail at £6.50. Whatever, still bargainous.

In the shower

Hop in the shower and the washes are bubbly, smooth and ooh-so-fragrant. The smell is indulgent, not synthetic or cheap. It smells and looks much more expensive than it is. Use the Shea Butter one (my fav), close your eyes and you could be in a decadent spa in the Maldives. The ginger one (my sensitive skin boyfriend’s fav) and you could be in an exclusive gym’s shower room, using up all their smellies and getting your money’s worth after an hour pounding the treadmill.

In the case of Shea Butter, 97% of the ingredients are naturally-derived and include sweet almond oil, coconut oil and the curious sounding natural quillaja soap bark. It’s got a healthy dose of vitamin e in it too, which is good for protecting you against UVB and UVA rays and *insert villain music* WRINKLES.

All in all, it’s a body wash chock full of nice things, for once.

And look at those bottles, I mean, how cool would that look in your bathroom?

Out of the shower

Unless I use other gentle (read: boring) brands of shower gel, my skin feels tight and itchy when I come out of the bathroom. Post-shower is always when my psoriasis looks its worst too; it’s red and angry at me for using hot water when it prefers lukewarm baths. The fussy old skin condition it is.

But when I use this, this normal body wash, my body feels a-maz-ing. Obviously, I feel clean – but I smell like something you’d want to eat. Not the usual chemical-clean. Ah, it’s lovely stuff, it is.

And it’s not just lovely for me (or my delicious smelling boyfriend), oh no. The animals will love you for buying it too. Soaper Duper do not test on animals, nor do they pay anyone else to test on animals and their suppliers don’t test on our furry friends either. Phew!

(There’s the answers to your other buzzing questions here)

Soaper Duper Back

Check out my back. Sexy, huh?

There’s other body butters, scrubs and lotions to try too, in a variety of flavours and smells. I bought the Shea Butter hand wash. It’s just as lush as the body wash (*sniffs hands*) Mmmmmmm…

Could all the other products be as Soaper as the ones I’ve tried? I can’t stop sniffing myself. Commuters think I am mad. My cat thinks i am trying to communicate with her. I’m having two showers a day (ginger mornings and shea evenings) and the bottles are showing no signs of running out. These gorgeous treats are great value for money too.

So that’s it. Please try this range. Soaper Duper haven’t paid me to say all this nice stuff or sent me anything to review, either. I’m just another happy customer.

Let me know what you try, I’d love to know.