Review: Get Grounded Coconut Scrub

*Sings* “I don’t want no scrub, a scrub is a guy who can’t get no love from me…”

Actually, contrary to TLC’s late 90’s (I think?) hit, I do like a scrub. In fact, I love a scrub. A gentle one, but a scrub all the same.

So I was excited to hear about Get Grounded. The Essex (woop woop) based company, is run by a couple. One of them is an eczema sufferer and decided that enough was enough with living with dry skin. As a result, and along with lots of research, they created this lovely scrub.

I know what you’re thinking. A scrub? For my psoriasis? Errrrrrrr, no way.

But scrubbing is good. It gets rid of all the dead skin (gently, gently) and smoothes any redness. Yes, you’ll still have P, but at least it won’t be flaky and ouchy.

So here are the details:

What is it? Get Grounded Coconut Scrub

: £15 (but get it on 3for2 at Boots!)

Ingredients: coffee, vitamin E, coconut, sweet almond oil, salt, sugar – see picture for more details.

Who’s it for?: Get Grounded can be used by pretty much anyone, but the Coconut version is recommended for those with dry skin and dry skin conditions.

Directions: You have to scrub it into wet skin and leave for 15 mins. They recommend using it in the shower, rather than the bath, which makes sense, seeing as you’re meant to leave it on your skin without rinsing for so long.

Disclaimer: I haven’t ever left it for 15 minutes. (Who has time to wait 15 minutes?!) I normally leave it on for five minutes and the results are still good. Maybe I should try 15?!

Results: So, like I said – I leave it on for five minutes and – ohmygod, the results are amazing. Soft, smooth skin! Ok, so psoriasis isn’t cured or anything (the search for the holy grail continues), but my skin felt a hell of a lot better using this scrub. Not as flaky and no itchy horribleness. Hurrah!

Pros: Smells nice, easy to use, natural(ish) – it does exactly what it says. Nice to have something for psoriasis that has decent packaging.
Cons: Bit on the pricey side, makes a mess of the bath, packaging is pretty – but not very practical.

Final thoughts? Expensive for a scrub, but it does make you skin softer, smoother and not itchy. And mostly natural ingredients. So would I buy again? Hell yeah!

Tips: It’s messy! So make sure you leave time to clean the shower after. Also, packaging not great. I decant mine into a jar and keep in the bathroom. Looks quite nice actually.

Get Grounded offer other flavours of scrub too (Chocolate Orange and Grapefruit. Mmmm). I think they have some other products in the pipeline too.

So yes! I like it. Go and check it out!

Let me know if you’ve had any luck with scrubs in the comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.