Hey! Up here! Click me!


This is the site of me, Josie, a 30-something dry skin sufferer of, oh, I don’t know… 17 years, I guess?

This is me. On a train on the way to a folk festival. (Laughter lines are genuine)

So, what’s this blog all about?

As you can guess from the title and the little mini introduction there, it’s to do with my skin. Dry skin and psoriasis. They are not one and the same. Two battles to fight.

Ok… so what can you expect?

It’s early days, so who knows right now – but I’m hoping mainly reviews on anything skin related. After all, it’s the biggest organ in (on?) your body. And as you know, a lot of factors can impact it. Whether it’s diet, the weather, stress or hormones, with psoriasis, you can bet your bottom dollar your skin will be first to get upset.

However, I’m thinking it might be more than reviews. I like sharing good content, so no doubt will be bigging up other worthwhile bloggers across the inter-space too. Sharing is caring y’know.


Where do I live?

I’m in Essex, UK. But spend a lot of time in London (it’s where I work… so…duur)

Am I on any meds for Psoriasis?

Yep. Dovobet. Really lovely packaging and fragrance. Not.

Why aren’t I using light therapy or biologics?

They (the docs) won’t give them to me because it doesn’t cover more than 30% of my body
I’m having it! Finally! I’m a third of the way through my UVB light therapy journey. Keep an eye on my Twitter feed for updates and progress pics.

Am I on a special diet?

For my skin? No. But I am trying to lose about a stone, so on a low calorie diet. (High five all the MyFitnessPal users out there – amazing app!)

Have I tried cutting out alcohol?

I’m sorry. I know we have only just met, but this is not an option. Pour me a double.

Do I like cats?

Yes. Have you got a cat? Send me a picture and I’ll love you forever.

Do I like dogs?

Yes. Small ones with puff tails.

Do I like chinchillas?

Yes. In fact, they are my number two pet. Good question.

Enough about me! Read something and write a comment. I want to get to know you. Yes, YOU! You’re not here for any other reason, other to find out more about dry skin stuff. So let’s get to it.