Spring and Psoriasis: Five Easy Ways to Make the Most of the Season

Spring is my favourite time of year; the birds are singing, the days are getting a little longer and it feels like we’re finally edging closer to those warmer summer months. Oh, and did I mention, it’s my birthday season too?!

Me planting wearing Blue Light Therapy

Me planting wearing Blue Light Therapy

What does spring mean for you? For me, it means fresh starts. It means getting out in the garden. It means planning summer holidays and spending time out and about with loved ones. I love cosying up with a book and green tea, but the springtime sun forces me to get out of the house and see friends and family. And that can only be a good thing.

But what does this season mean for our psoriasis? After all, it’s not quite warm enough to be baring all and anyway, if you’re residing in Britain, you don’t need me to remind you about April showers.

So, whether you’re the outdoors type and spring can’t spring quick enough, or you’re more of a hibernating home-bird, I’ve put together some spring-themed psoriasis tips to help wake you up and shake off those winter blues.

Spring Clean Your Treatments

This time of year is the perfect time to take a look at your medications, in more sense than one.

Firstly, consider what is and isn’t working for you. Have you, (like I was), been on the same steroid cream for ten years? Sure, it might be an ok treatment… but it’s 2017 now. It’s time to move with the times and see what else is on offer to treat psoriasis. There are solutions on the market now where treatment and technology has been blended together to offer new methods of relief. Philips Blue Control offers light therapy without potentially harmful UV light. It’s a simple, effective therapy (and there’s a delightful picture of me modelling it later in this article).

If you live in England, be prepared for prescription prices to go up. This thoroughly depressing graph charts the increase in prescription costs in England over the past seventeen years.

Graph depicting rising costs of NHS prescriptions from 2001

Graph depicting rising costs of NHS prescriptions from 2001

If you get any creams or meds from the doctor, best try and get them before 1st April, when the price is likely to increase. And if you’re just completely fed up of prescription costs, like I am, then think about making a one off payment for your treatment, by investing in new non-messy treatments, like Philips Blue Control.

Whilst you’re in the medication mood, take a quick look at dates of your creams, emollients and any tablets too. Across Britain, it’s estimated that a shocking seventy-three million out of date medicines are lurking in our homes. Make sure your bathroom cabinet isn’t home to any OAP ointments.

Spring into Shape

I can’t lie. When it comes to exercise, I’m not a big fan. Apart from a brisk walk to the train station (and yes, I am definitely counting that) at time of writing, I’m ashamed to say my current exercise regime is non-existent.

However, that’s all set to change, Now it’s a little warmer, I plan to reignite my love for exploring with my Geocaching app. (It’s a great hobby if you’ve got kids, dogs or just like the sound of urban treasure hunts.)

Geocaching in the Peak District

Geocaching in the Peak District

Geocaching involves walking around searching for hidden treasures. Walking is great if you’re suffering from psoriasis. If you’re not confident about showing patches of psoriasis on your legs or arms, it doesn’t matter. You don’t need to be in shorts or a swimming costume to do this exercise. Although I do recommend you pack a brolly and have some kind of waterproof to hand. You remember what I said about April showers, right?

Alternatively, if you literally want to spring into shape, then get a rebounder. A rebounder is one of those mini trampolines that look like far too much fun to be real exercise. Rebounding burns loads of calories and is low impact too, so if you suffer from arthritic psoriasis, it’s the ideal exercise. And a report by NASA in the 1980’s argued that using a rebounder was 68% more effective than running. And who are we to argue with NASA?

Walking gets my exercise vote. You can explore your surroundings, get some vital vitamin D and burn a few of those hot cross bun and pancake calories off. It’s a triple win.

Cook Green

The vegetables in season over March, April and May include asparagus, broccoli and garlic. Regrettably, pancakes and hot cross buns do not fall into the vegetable food group.

Buying vegetables in season is a lot cheaper than at other times of the year. Asparagus is anti-inflammatory and contains soluble and insoluble fibre, necessary for digestive health, so it’s a super one to load up on. Garlic is great for supporting a healthy immune system, which is a key objective for psoriasis suffers like us, seeing as we’re fighting a civil war in our own bodies.

psoriasis and Philips Blue Light therapy

Repotting mint and wearing Philips Blue Light

Spring Fashion

It’s like a psoriasis fashionista decided what’s hot and what’s not on the catwalk this year, as not only are shirts and white dresses en vogue – but sleeves are too. Yes, SLEEVES are fashionable! You heard it here first, folks.

Camel, nude and neutral shades are always on trend, (thank goodness!). This is the ideal palette for those with psoriasis, as pesky scalp flakes can be camouflaged by these colours.

Whatever your fashion preferences, for psoriasis skin, always err on the side of caution. Cotton will cause the least aggravation as it’s breathable and soft. Stay away from itchy fabrics, like nylon or polyester, even if they do look good on the catwalk.

Spring Sun

Have you heard about the cool bank holiday hack to get eighteen days off work? This is only applicable for the UK, where our Easter bank holiday and May Day bank holiday are staggered in such a way that only nine days’ annual leave is needed to get a whopping eighteen days off.

If you can afford it, use this time to head abroad and catch some sun. In Europe, the Canary Islands offer the best chance of warmth at this time of year (around 22 degrees celcius). I’ll be heading there myself later this Spring, so I’ll let you know what it’s like. I hope it’s as lovely as my trip last year, to Almeria in Spain.

Spain last year (plus treatment from Philips Blue Light)

Spain last year (plus treatment from Philips Blue Light)

Even if you can’t get abroad, booking some time off isn’t a bad thing. Reserve a couple of Spring days for ‘you time’ to do something that makes you feel good. Whether that’s planting herbs in the garden, chilling out at a spa or laughing your socks off at a comedy gig. It’s time for you.

Use these months as a springboard (get it?) to shake things up a little in your routine. Even one small change like spending an hour or two online reviewing safe and clever new treatments for psoriasis or heading out to the woods and enjoying spring flowers will do you the world of good.

And looking out of the window now, it does look pretty sunny! I might just head out myself. But I have a feeling rain is not far away. Now where did I put that umbrella??

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  1. alexia richardson says:

    Fab blog , thank you . I suffer with psoriasis, started around when I turned 50 yrs, along with the menopause…..happy days !!!

    1. Josie says:

      Wow, that’s late for psoriasis to start. Can’t be fun with the menopause too. All the joys of being a human! Hope you find some relief.

  2. James cork says:

    Can you tell me where to get one from please and Joe much are they

    1. Josie says:

      Hi James, you can pick one up here: http://www.philips.co.uk/c-p/PSK0202_10/bluecontrol £349.00, which sounds stupid expensive, I know. I ummed and ahhed for weeks before I purchased my first unit. But I am so glad I did. I’ve spent hundreds of pounds on crap lotions, creams, snake oil etc in the past and it’s soul destroying. I couldn’t believe it when this started working. It’s an incredible feeling. There’s a 90 day money back guarantee if that helps ease your mind!

  3. Sharon Platt says:

    Hi just wondering how the blue light treatment is going now please

    1. Josie says:

      Hi Sharon, I’m using UVB treatment at the hospital in conjunction with Blue Light, so I can’t really give a fair response to this. As you will see from my other posts though (Summer 2016), I did see results pretty quickly. So it does work. All I need is a full body Blue Light now! (I have psoriasis on my back and back of legs as well, so it’s in a tricky place to treat with Blue Light)

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