Week 1: Philips Blue Light LED Treatment

Well, it’s been one week since I started using my Philips Blue Light LED Treatment.

josie wearing blue light

Grr! Psoriasis warrior!

So far, it’s been going well. Initially, I had my reservations and considered it would be difficult to use. I go to work at 7.35am and come back just after 7pm, so I wasn’t sure if I was going to get time to actually use it. Would it just to be too much of a stress to bother doing every night?

As it turns out, everything has been fine. I haven’t missed a day yet! I now have my little routine, which doesn’t just include the evening, but the morning too.

The Routine

6.30am – Get up and jump in shower (or rather, drag myself to the shower)

6.45am – Out of the shower, dry off, apply moisturiser and wait for it to sink in

7.00am – Time for a little bit of Philips Blue Light TLC!

There’s no assembly required. You just pop the light pack into the strap and strap onto your desired limb. It takes about twenty seconds.

I strap it onto the biggest patch on my leg and carry on getting ready for work. (That means taking ages to work out what to wear, sort my makeup out, have a cup of tea, feed the cat and pack my lunch for the day). I can run around the house quite easily whilst wearing the Blue Light LED.

7.30am – The Philips Blue Light turns off automatically after thirty minutes. Yay! One patch’s treatment done for the day (you can only treat each patch for thirty minutes per day). I plug in Philips Blue Light (I need to get a name for it!), so it can charge whilst I’m at work.

7.15pm – Come in from work and head upstairs to get changed into something way more comfortable. Once I’m changed, I put on the Blue Light (on another patch on my leg)

7.30pm – Cook dinner and do any housework that I’ve been putting off – all whilst wearing Philips!

Throughout the evening, I will move the Blue Light LED onto other patches on my arms and legs. As I said, it’s super easy to use and turns off itself after thirty minutes, so you don’t have to worry about tracking time and can just get on with normal life (Housework! Feeding the cat! Feeding the boyfriend!) instead.

I can get four thirty minutes treatments out of it per charge. That’s fine. By 10pm I’m pretty much done for the day and head to the bedroom to take off make up, apply any ointments and creams, charge up Philips Blue Light, do some reading and then nod off.

Thoughts After Week One

I know what you’re dying to know. Have I seen any improvement in my psoriasis? Well, yes, a little bit, but not massively. BUT, and this is a big but, it can take several weeks for any improvement to show. Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey my friends.

However, I’m pleased to see the patches are definitely flatter. And that’s just after one week. So in my eyes, that’s a big result already! Although the patches haven’t got smaller, reduced in redness or dryness, I’m keeping a close eye on it all. So yes, I am feeling positive about the future. One of the other Blue Light users said it took him twelve weeks to see any results. So I have to be patient.

josie wearing blue light

No sticky patches of skin

It’s so easy to use anyway, it’s not like it’s any kind of problem to wear. Consider gross, sticky creams and stinking ointments (Coal Tar – I’m talking to you). You have to dig them out, apply them, wash your hands, pack them away, wash your hands again because you forgot to put your creams away before you washed your hands, get dressed carefully – so your sticky patches don’t stain or mark your clothes and walk around gingerly, being carful not to make contact with any surface! And if anything like a scarf or coat comes into contact with your sticky skin, you’re screwed. Now your sticky skin had fabric fibres attached to it! Eurgh! Annoying!!

Philips Blue Light LED is so refreshing and such a clean, fuss-free treatment. No mess. No stained clothes or bed linen. No worries about wearing a coat or cardigan over sticky elbows. Hurrah! And it’s light and comfortable. There is no reason why I cannot just keep going as I am.

I am taking photos of my progress, so hopefully we’ll start to see some change in a few weeks. Because I have lots of patches, (both elbows, both knees and four  – six additional patches on each leg), it may take some time before I see any change. I can’t treat all patches every day. Saying that, there are two big patches, which I do make sure I treat every day. But these are the most severe, so will probably take the longest to heal.

So, wish me luck! You can find out more about Philips Blue Light LED therapy here and also follow my fellow BlueControl Light LED Crusaders on Twitter: @LeeBlueControl, @fixmypsoriasis@eHR_Consulting, @BigTonka6528 and @vjfine to name a few!

Any questions, please give me a shout 🙂

Josie x