Week 4: Philips Blue Light LED Treatment

Well, it’s been a few weeks first since my first review of my Philips Blue Light LED treatment. I wanted to give you a little bit more of an update, now I have been using the device for four weeks.

So, just to recap, this is where my journey began, which is less than a month ago, but seems like much longer! I guess that is a good thing!

I have been mainly documenting the changes to my left lower leg.

Sunday 28th May

Ok, so here’s what my leg looked like on 28 May. This is one week into LED treatment:


This was in the morning, just after I got out of the shower and pre-any moisturiser. I have found that just after the shower, my skin is never flaky, but is usually really red.

I know, I should have taken a picture at Week Zero. But I didn’t. However, after one week’s treatment, my psoriasis had not changed much.

When it comes to treating your psoriasis with the Philips Blue Light LED device, you’re only meant to use it for thirty minutes per day, per patch. In order to treat this area on my left leg, I have to reposition the device after each thirty minutes, so that it captures all of the patch. After all, it’s a big patch.

I should probably say at this point, that I do have psoriasis on my other leg, my elbows and knees too. Some small patches on my stomach and back, but nothing as bad as this beast here in the picture. (Thanks psoriasis – really great area to have a massive patch. Not. *sigh*)

However, for the purposes of documenting Philips Blue Light therapy and the results, I just wanted to concentrate on one area. This is definitely the worst area on me!

Ok, back to ol’ left leg.

This is at the end of the day on the same day: May 28th. Look how much drier my legs looks!


I wanted to take two pictures, in morning and later afternoon, to show how psoriasis can alter throughout the course of a day. Looks lots drier, right? I hadn’t used any moisturiser that day. And you can tell.

Right, so that was Week One. No big improvements, and although flatter (psoriasis friends, you’ll know what I mean), there were no other big changes at this stage.

Thursday 9th June

This photo was taken almost three weeks into the treatment. It’s a little bit blurry, but gives you an idea of how things have been progressing . This was taken in the morning, post shower, pre-moisturiser. I am been back to using moisturiser every day now.


Sunday 12th June

This photo is a couple of days later, three weeks into treatment. It was taken in the evening. When you compare it to the photo I took on May 28th, you can really see a difference. There is light at the end of the tunnel in the middle of the patch and it doesn’t look as dense as it did on May 28th. It’s faded a lot over the couple of weeks and doesn’t look as angry. By this point I had noticed a big reduction in itching and the area had a sort of different kind of dryness to it; less flaky and more like dry skin. Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel after all!


Sunday 19th June

Right, so – now we are onto today. *drum roll please*, here is the latest snap, taken tonight at 5.15pm. I have been bad today and not moisturised! You can tell, can’t you?


It doesn’t look hugely different from last week, but – it is slowly improving. Don’t forget, you only use it for thirty minutes per patch, per day. Interestingly, there is much less severe patch, just above the main bad boy, which looks significantly lighter than it did on May 28th. I wish I had taken some more pictures of that one to show to you.

My Right Side

Like I said, my main documenting has been on my left side.

But, I have been taking some photos of a small patch on my right leg. This leg is no way as bad as my left leg, but, as psoriasis enjoys the aesthetics of symmetry so much, it stands to reason that I’d have it on both sides of my body. My right side’s psoriasis is kind of a nod to my left side’s. The patches are in the same place, but not as severe. Very weird and just soooo psoriasis.

Anyway, check this out:

My legs

28 May: My legs – obvs

See? Right side not as bad.

This was also taken on 28 May morning:


This one (below) was taken on 12 June pm (when I moisturised!)


And then this one (below) was taken today, 19 June pm (when I did not moisturise!)


I think even without the moisturiser, it does look like it is improving. It’s lighter and less angry. It’s not as severe as my left side, so maybe this side will heal faster? I’m not sure. But I will continue to take lots of photos, so we can document all this.

Thoughts after Week Four

Like all psoriasis sufferers, I would love LOVE to find an instant fix or miracle sure. Sadly, it’s never going to be that way. We have to be patient with each treatment, stay realistic and celebrate small wins.

So how am I feeling after four weeks of using Philips Blue Light LED treatment?

Well, I am feeling pretty positive. Taking photos as helped, as I can see improvement. I hope you can too. It’s also only been four weeks, and like I said in one of my earlier posts, one of the other Blue Light LED users didn’t see any results until week 12. By that standard, I think I’m doing ok.

Have I been using it every day?

Ok, not going to lie. There has been one day during the four weeks when I didn’t use it. I don’t have any excuses. It’s mega easy to use – I just didn’t charge it properly the night before (you have to charge it after each two hour use) and I wasn’t able to use it the following day. But, I don’t think missing one day is all that bad, do you?

Any problems?

The only issue I have – and this is not really an issue – is the charging time. Because I have so many areas on my arms and legs, which I need to treat, I do find it a shame that I can’t treat them all every day. As I’ve said before, I do prioritize my left leg, and because of this, it means my elbows very rarely get a blue light treat. Each full charge will give you two hours of blue light time. Anyway, hopefully that will be something that gets improved as Philips bring out new devices in the future.

The bottom line is that Blue Light Therapy works. The photos speak for themselves. That’s only after four weeks. I can’t wait to see the improvement pics after eight and twelve weeks. The device is easy to use, doesn’t hurt, doesn’t cause a mess and doesn’t stop you from doing normal day to day stuff. So, in a nutshell – I’m very excited about the future. Onwards and upwards!

If you’ve got any questions or comments, please fire away!