Week 8: Philips Blue Light LED Treatment

Wow. Can it really be eight weeks already? I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown since I started using Philips’ light treatment unit for my psoriasis, which has plagued me on and off since I was seventeen.

I’m still using the unit daily, and it’s no more of an inconvenience than brushing your teeth or making a cup of tea in the morning. It’s just part of my routine now. I’ve written about how it doesn’t hinder any of your day to day activities. You don’t event know it’s there half the time (unless your run down the stairs, forgetting it’s strapped to the side of your lower leg, and then half fall/half jump the last two steps since you have misjudged the co-ordinates of steps!)

I came back from Spain last week. As you have probably guessed, my little blue light unit came on holiday with me. I took it in hand luggage and there was no problem at security on either end. I used the unit whilst sipping cocktails and soaking up some much needed sun. My psoriasis has never looked better.

I’m sure it’s a combination of the blue light therapy and the sun that has really made my skin a whole lot calmer recently. Certainly being on holiday meant I didn’t have to deal with daily stresses – or the commute to London and back every day. Something which I am sure has a negative effect on my skin. (Surely that would effect everyone’s skin – not just us flakys!)

Photo Update

Ok, on with the pictures.

I’ll start with where I left off. So this is the last progress picture you saw on this blog (follow me on Twitter @dryandmighty to keep up to date with my skin’s progress.)

This is how things looked on 19th June:

psoriasis leg

19 June Progress

I didn’t moisturise that day, did I? Whoops!

Here’s the next picture I took:

24 June Progress

24 June Progress

This is an interesting one. It looks a lot lighter in the middle. The psoriasis has started to change and instead of it being just one mass of red, it look like it’s turning into smaller patches – with some gaps of normal skin in between…(I was so excited this day. haha)

Now, look at this one:

26 June Progress

26 June Progress

You can see how it’s not ‘all red’ as it has been on other weeks…. it’s definitely more blotchy. You can see further progress on these pictures I took on 3 July, the day before we flew to Spain.

3 July Progress

3 July Progress

3 July Progress

3 July Progress

As you can see, things were already changing. The colour of my psoriasis was not as angry and it had started to be lots of smaller patches, rather than one big patch.

The next pictures are the ones I took whilst in Spain.

Holiday Pictures

As much as I’d like to share with you the pictures of me drinking cocktails and swimming in the sea, I know what you’re really here for: The psoriasis pictures! Here are a selection showing the changes I saw on holiday. There’s no doubt the sun (and swimming in the Med) helped, but before I went away, my skin was already improving, wouldn’t you agree?

The following pictures were taken on 6 July – two days after we arrived in gorgeous Almaria on the south coast of Spain. (I highly recommend!)

IMG_0450 IMG_0452 IMG_0454

Isn’t the view lovely? As you can see, I was rocking the Philips Blue Light LED Unit even in the 30 degree celsius heat. Was not a problem at all.


8 July Progress

Here, I’m enjoying a Fanta letting the rays kiss my skin!

IMG_0647 IMG_0646 legs

The pictures above were taken on 9th July. All good!

I used Blue Light nearly every day of the holiday. As I have gone on about already, there is no problem wearing it when you’re just getting up to normal stuff. (Just remember you’re wearing it when you’re running down the stairs!)

Oh….ok then! No collection of holiday snaps would be complete without at least one of me and a cocktail! Here you go – me and my friend Carly. I’m the blonde one on the left, and sitting in front of me, my friends, is a Mojito. TO DIE FOR!

Carly and Me

Carly and Me

Back from Holiday

I got back just under a week ago. Sad face. We only went for seven nights. Probably a good thing or I would have wanted to stay forever!

SO how has my skin looked since I have returned?

12 July Progress

12 July Progress

This was taken the day after we landed back in the UK. Can you see a faint outline around the patch of psoriasis? I think it’s slowly shrinking… slowly… *whisper… I don’t want it to hear us!*

psoriasis leg

16 July Progress

This was taken yesterday morning. It’s not a great picture.. hopefully you can see it changing.

Here’s one I took this morning:

17 July Progress

17 July Progress

and another one I took in the garden, just now (please excuse that flip flop. I am still in holiday mode!):

17 July Progress

17 July Progress

Isn’t psoriasis so strange? This last picture looks like lots of little red spots! At least it’s not a huge dry mass, which it was before. So horrible and flaky back in those first weeks.

So, it’s been eight weeks with Philips part of my daily routine. Still early days and I am so glad I took a chance on buying this little unit. I really feel like it’s making a difference, slowly but surely.

When I compare it to some of my earlier pictures and I can see there has been a definite improvement. What do you think?

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